Your property's value not only depends on the interior design but also on the external items you choose, such as roof style, door frames, and windows. Whether you are buying a new house, renovating, or replacing the old windows, design experts recommend you choose local trends in California that make a big difference in the look. Let's take a closer look at window colors and right shadings that can totally transform the look of your house. Interior designers reveal that California is well-known for its neutral tones. But this year, earthy colors are also welcomed into the rooms. Below, you will find five top window colors trending in California:

Earthy Green

Recently, Green has become hugely popular in California. Its warmth, coziness, and natural tone create a welcoming sandy shade in your house. Not only does it elevate the look, but also it offers peace and tranquility. You can harmonize it with cushions, carpets, and door frames as well in both interior and exterior design.

Pastel Colors

Though pastel colors were among the trends a few years ago, they are back on track! Pastel pink, blue, and yellow are among the new trends this year. Pastels light up the space, making it look bigger and adding aesthetics and creativity. The ultimate guide is to use pastels in some parts of the house design, as well as classic décor in some other parts.

Bright Colors

California is famous for its bright flowers, so bright can be the perfect match for window frames in nature. As a versatile fresh-looking color, white works perfectly well for every space. Because of its plain bright color, it has a classic appeal while it offers luxury for more contemporary looks. The brightness helps the area, in particular windows, look bigger, thus being suitable for small houses.

Dark Colors

Best color for window frames Black never goes out of style! If you want uniqueness, this is the right choice for you. Black window frames elevate the appearance and add a modern, contemporary look. You can use black windows with the house's light exterior to create some sort of contrast in the outlook of the house. Dark shades offer richness and a welcoming atmosphere.
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A mixture of gray and brown offers both dark and bright colors. This enables you to have a contrasting and appealing look. It also allows you to balance the traditional and contemporary styles at the same time. One example of such colors is taupe window colors, which are a blend of brown and gray tones. Especially if the house is tan or gray, you can create a contrast in the same tone.

What are some examples of popular shades in California?

Shades add deepness to the window and ultimately the house's exterior design. Sheer shades reflect sunlight, adding an enlightening look. And in glazed windows, it fits better into the atmosphere of California. Darker shades add depth and sleep in places such as bedrooms. Neutral shades, on the other hand, are also popular since they make the window stand out, especially for darker styles. Another favorable shade in California is roller shades. They are available in different styles and colors to suit any taste. The plain, straight lines completely blend into the exterior decorations.

Is there any regional preference for window colors?

Though trends get widespread really fast around the world, people prefer to choose regional colors for the house's interior and exterior designs, even when choosing window colors. With vast geographic diversity in the United States, people are influenced by each region's characteristics. Natural beauty, culture, and architecture of each region play major roles in determining the colors. This is how lifestyles are shaped, followed by color inspirations in different parts of the United States.