The way your house looks and feels will depend heavily on your windows and, thus, your window treatments as well. Obviously, it is hard to find the right window treatment. And yes, it is a very important design statement, yet it should also be functional. After all, your window treatment will decide how much shade and privacy you’ll have in your house.  How do you choose your window treatment? Maybe you’re a modern looks fan, or perhaps you prefer the traditional décor lover; whatever the case is, we think adding modern elements, such as your window treatment, could make a nice touch. Here is a list of tips and ideas you may find helpful with covering your windows.

What is the most modern window dressing?

Having modern covering is not necessarily the same as choosing what's trending. Good for us modern style lovers, the trending designs ARE modern. In short, modern window dressings are usually made of earthy colors and are made with natural materials and bright white fabrics.  Wood blinds, bamboo shutters, drapes, and Roman shades are all modern window coverings. We love these because they are natural, bring a sense of nature into your house, and are timeless. And we think you’ll love them too!

Modern Window Treatment Ideas

The following are the best ideas to give your house décor a modern touch: putting different materials on your curtains or using bamboo shades and blinds, etc.; we cover all the best ones. What we have kept in mind while compiling this list (and what you should, too!) is holding the function AND fashion together.

Dining Room Windows 

We all want our dining rooms to look bigger and more spacious. Bigger windows are one way to do it. To give your dining space a high-end look, hanging pinch pleat curtains is the way to go. Especially if you hang them near the ceiling lines, if your hardware or frames are of a darker shade, white or cream curtains will give you a modern and polished design.

Covering Blinds with Curtains

Already got blinds installed? No worries. Blinds are the choice of many, but you can’t deny that they’re somewhat boring. You could layer curtains over blinds. Not only does it effectively block out light, but it will also give a polished look to your design. You could use different geometric prints to make your décor look sophisticated.

Using Shades for A Bit of Light

Designing an office or a home office? Maybe you’re trying to find the best coverings for your library. When you don’t want to block all light but still cover the windows, shades are your go-to option. Also, they’ll fit right in with a midcentury modern décor. 

Gauzy Curtains to Add A Soft Glow

Nothing says luxe and modern, nor does it tell a white and gold combo. Hang soft, gauzy white curtains paired with gold hardware. This material isn’t too sheer and will create the perfect soft glow for your room.

Double Panel Curtains 

Use white double panels that have a bit of design, like a subtle geometric pattern on the border. This way, they won’t be as boring as simple white fabrics, and they will pair well with hardware, gold ones in particular. Double panels add height to your room and are a great modern element for your windows.

Curtain Rings for Function

Rings are the best option if you need to open and close your curtains more than once or twice a day. Using rings is very functional and will cause less damage to your curtains in the long run. If you are worried about the modern look, though, we’ve got you. Big dark rings (such as brown) will pair nicely with darker curtains, like dark green. 

Small Bathroom? Use shades!

Privacy is a matter one should consider when treating bathroom windows, so shades are our recommended covering for your bathroom windows. Yet you could always make it look a bit romantic and elegant:  choose a beautiful Roman shade with textured fabric in a neutral color. You can’t go wrong with this!

Monochrome Is the Way 

Some people think modern means no color, no print, and no pattern, but they’re wrong. There is no need to avoid patterns. You could always go for a monochrome effect. For example, printed teal curtains will look wonderful against blue-green walls. 

Printed Shades Are Works of Art

In places that have wall-to-wall windows, you could use printed shades as wall art. You could match this with marble counters in your kitchen to provide some visual interest. 

Floor Length Curtains to Block the Light

You don’t need heavy curtains or dark colors to block all the light. Make sure your curtains skim the floor: they`ll give your room some height, and they will be very effective when it comes to blocking lights. You could have them in light colors to create an airy atmosphere. 

What are the modern trends for window coverings?

When it comes to modern trends, aesthetics are combined with looks. You need your window dressings to be functional and beautiful. Shades, sheers, and shutters are trending these days, but so are pleats and double panels. More than a certain type of dressing, you could give your desired modern look to any dressing with a bit of creativity. 
  • Add texture: Jute, bamboo, rattan, and other natural materials are in trend due to their versatility. Blinds and shades made with these will fit well into any style and still have their modern look. No need to change your window covering for each room to match the décor.
  • Use Natural Covers : It doesn’t get much more modern than using nude and natural color palettes for your window dressings. 
  • Layer Up: A very popular trend these days is the shades plus drapes combo. Use shades for texture, privacy, and light control. Hang long drapes for a modern, elevated look. Easy peasy!
  • Hang Sheers: Nothing says romantic as well as flowing sheers in a light room, does it now? 
  • The Minimalist Roman Shades : Both stylish and functional, these are the best options when you need privacy but still want your natural light. 


How can I give my window treatments a modern makeover?

Use shades made with natural materials and neutral colors. These can give your space a sophisticated, light look.

What are the current trends in window treatments?

Sheer curtains, natural wood blinds, and bamboo shutters are some of the trends these days. These trends will look great in a modern décor. 

What window treatment is going to be fashionable in 2024?

The modern minimalist is going to stay trending for a long while. Blinds and shutters with clean lines and soft and neutral colors are our recommendation.