You have definitely faced the challenge of organizing your wardrobe and folding clothes. The main problems of disorganization in closets are due to lack of enough space for clothes, and all people who have a lot of clothes face this problem. But, it is not enough to simply fold clothes and put them in a closet that does not have enough space. For this order to be permanent, you need to learn several tricks of washing and arranging clothes. Usually, untidy wardrobes are one of the problems that people face at home. Most of the people are looking for solutions so that they can have a spacious, clean and organized wardrobe, and whenever they need to remove clothes from the closet, they can easily find it. Also, minimize the time of washing and folding clothes.
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Best ADHD-friendly Laundry Room

In this content, we are going to review together a list of techniques and tasks that will help you with your laundry room renovation if you have ADHD. In this article, we will answer the question, How can I make my laundry more ADHD friendly? We will stay with us.

You don't need to sort your socks and underwear.

Buy a small mesh laundry bag for each family member. Then, get each family member into the habit of putting their dirty socks and underwear in the bag. When the clothes come out of the dryer, just give the bags to each family member.

No need to fold the sheets.

Best ADHD-friendly Laundry Room Remove your bed sheets and after washing and drying, put the same set on the bed.

You don't need to wash the sheets every week.

Washing sheets every other week is enough. This will help you manage things better.

Wash bath towels once a week instead of after every use.

When we get out of the shower, the body is clean, so why not use the towel a few times before washing? Assign specific colored towels to each family member and ask them to use the same one or two throughout the week.

Make it a habit to wash clothes on one day a week.

Designate a laundry day and wash all dirty clothes on that day. In this case, you no longer have to think about washing clothes until the weekend.

Don't wash the clothes until they are completely dirty or smelly.

By doing this, you not only save time. You will have less clothes to wash. Also, your clothes will last longer. Washing less is more environmentally friendly and uses less water and electricity.

Don't you like folding clothes?

Although doing several tasks at the same time is not recommended due to the stress caused by it. But, folding clothes is an exception. Because it can be done with minimal thought. Talking on the phone or watching TV helps make the task more interesting.

There is no need to fold the clothes of young children.

To reduce folding time, eliminate folding clothes for young children altogether. Folding children's clothes is not always necessary. Simply sort kids' clothes by category. Tops, shorts, pants, etc. Then, simply place the sorted clothes in the closet drawers.

The less clothes you have, the easier it will be for you to know the laundry.

The less clothes you wash, the easier the laundry process. Try to limit your wardrobe to only the clothes you really need and that fit your lifestyle. Keep clothes that are interchangeable with multiple outfits and can be worn in different settings. Eliminate garments that require high maintenance and special washing or ironing instructions. By keeping your closet small, your clothes won't pile up and will be more manageable on laundry day.

Use sorting baskets

Consider separate baskets for dark clothes, white clothes, towels, etc. This will make it easier to wash and sort clothes.
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